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We are an IT Consultancy firm and Software house based in Milan. Digital transformation strategy is our focus and IT is our expertise. We project digital service strategies to enhance business value.

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We have expertise

Business oriented consultancy

We propose innovative digital solutions to elevate companies’ business models through IT expertise. Our expertise in the field of IT Consultancy is our advantage in driving digital transformation. Our customers have enhanced business structures thanks to our business oriented digital strategy approach.

We value people

Transformation comes from people

Our talent acquisition process incorporates focus on soft skills and technical knowledge, focused on individual career expectations. By doing so we project young talents’ career plans. Our work environment is flexible, our relations are based on trust and human capital is our core value.

We meet world standards

Worldwide accepted methods

Our approach towards digital transformation is hand in hand with client’s expectations. We use worldwide accepted methods to inspire business model development. Human centered design is our focus and we thrive human led digital innovation.

Woman touching a smart technology holographic interface in transformation representing IT Consultancy

Your trusted Partner in Digital Transformation

Consultancy that leads to innovation

A human centered user experience is at the center of a company’s business value. Our aim is to project service strategy transformation through a business oriented approach. We analyze data structures taking a closer look at business goals. Through a human centered approach, we enhance business value by elevating the user experience.

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Strategic IT Consultancy

Business oriented consultancy

At IT Value Partner, we support our Customers implementing their business strategies to enhance their value proposition with innovative IT solutions. Together, we analyse, evaluate and propose the right solutions by implementing right tools.

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Digital Transformation Services

IT Consultancy

Investing in the right IT strategy can help a business enhance its competitive advantages. At IT Value Partner, we support our Customer designing IT strategies for businesses to enhance their value proposals. Together with key business stakeholders, we asses their strategic processes, identify user needs and define requirements. This leads us to the implementation of innovative IT solutions that thrive the Digital transformation and enhance business objectives.

Project Management

Project Management Institute points out that the organisations that don't put enough emphasis on Project Management have 50% of their projects failed. Through our experience and competence we guarantee the delivery of your strategic projects on time and on quality.

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IT Process Governance

We aim to enhance the operational effectiveness of a business through the expertise we have in IT service lifecycle management. We support our customers in defining the processes and standards to be adopted to improve the contribution of IT to the creation of corporate value.

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Digital Transformation

Defining the right digital transformation process for a company is a multidimensional process that requires a user centered service design strategy. By amplifying empathy, we create digital systems that are intuitive and user friendly. Our digital transformation approach is not at the level of user but more broadly at an organizational level.

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IT Software Factory

We are developing IT Value Partner’s AI proprietary solution for algorithmic trading. We invest in R&D to identify best fitting technologies that boost consolidated institutional trading strategies. Moreover, we are creating Machine Learning to optimise investment decisions making process.

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A young talented team

Innovation comes from people


We Value everyone's Ideas to bring innovative IT solutions into our reality.

Team building

We act as a trusted Team to support our Customers to achieve challenging goals

Group of team members holding hands at the office


We stimulate dynamics of involvement and collaboration to develop new Solutions.


We invest in People growth and enhance soft and technical skills.

We are hiring!

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